I am culturally and musically the son of 70's of which I carry with me dreams and expectations. My approach to musica happens in the now distant 1969 when, for the first time, I find myself with a guitar in my hand. We have not been separated since then.

In the middle of the 70's, I have various experiences with musical groups. Thus began my journey into musica blues where I decide, Moreover, to write in Italian. So, a bit of the context and a bit of the desire to learn, to the great American authors and performers – minus the English ones – next to it author's song Italian; without neglecting the French school, poetry, the literature (beat generation in primis), the cinema, ecc…

I founded a Music Theater coop, collaborated with local entities such as the Centro-Rat Teatro dell'Acquario, the Calabrian Theater Consortium. I worked as a sound engineer and road manager for jazz bands and blues.

Moved to Rome, I frequented the Mucchio Selvaggio scene with my friend Maurizio Bianchini, by RaiStereoNotte with Ernesto De Pascale (I still collaborate with his sister today); I developed some projects of albums unfortunately never released, done activities, live and took care of the pre-production of the Orixa group then produced by Pino Daniele.

I worked in advertising as a copywriter and creative director, and then return to "the stage" resuming the live activity giving to my audience author's song in a blues key. I have published a CD “From Tulsa to Vagliolise and two books: The Fantastic City and My name is Ernesto – co-owner with Antonella De Pascale, on the figure of his brother Ernesto -.

Nel 2023 ho pubblicato il racconto “Live Life Free – Ritratto di Donna Negata”, firmato con mia figlia Giulia. Nel 2024 è stata la volta del racconto “12.04.1943 Bombe su Cosenza”, il punto di vista di un bambino che si vede la guerra arrivare in casa.

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